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Behind the Scenes: Ariadne

I’m continuing my series going behind the scenes of my next novella, Crown of Ivy, for Phantom-level patrons today on Patreon. Today, I’m talking about some of the history behind Ariadne and how I went about characterising her for the book. You can check it out here on Patreon!

a photo of the sea

#FairyTaleTuesday: Down

Today’s #FairyTaleTuesday theme over on Twitter (where I am also vcaudley, incidentally) is witches, and I’ve been thinking about sea witches. I miss the sea terribly, especially now that I live closer to it and still the pandemic keeps me from it. I decided to revisit my sea witch story, “Down,” which went up onContinue reading “#FairyTaleTuesday: Down”


I got briefly obsessed with Coleridge’s “Christabel” and wrote a little sapphic necromancy/vampirism treat inspired by it. You can read it on my Patreon or on Ko-fi!

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